Welcome to the Depository!

Welcome to my Character Sheet depository. I decided that it would be more worth my time and effort to deposit my character sheets on this site than to try posting them on a blog that perhaps no one would visit. At least here I have more control over the formating that I want to present my character sheets with. I hope that everyone likes what they see when viewing these pages.

What can be found here:

This site includes a listing of all of my important characters for all of my fandoms, please feel free to read them at your liesure.

Table of Contents:

Narutoverse Category Pages
Jinchuriki of a Different Sort
Will of the Whirling Riptide
Potterverae Category Pages
Harry Potter and Destiny's Deal
The Faerie's Soul
Character Templates:
Narutoverse Template
Potterverse Template
Pathfinder Template
FASERIP Template
Important Documents
Power Rank to Shinobi Rank Conversion

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